ScrapRack Organization Tool

ScrapRack with 7 Spinders

It’s Time to Organize with the ScrapRack!

Yes, it’s time to retrieve and rediscover your scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies from those forgotten shelves, closets and drawers.  With the ScrapRack you can sort, store, view, and best of all, have easy access to each and every creative supply you own.  Do all this with the most amazing organizational tool ever created for crafting enthusiasts, the ScrapRack!!!

This unit is expandable for even more storage, easy to collapse for travel to crops and classes, and most importantly, allows easy access to your supplies.  The ScrapRack is designed to use very little space for the amount of crafting supplies it holds.  Features include:

  • Package has a set of wings, metal base and 7 spinders included
  • Metal base sits at a 45 degree angle
  • The base and Spinder backs are covered in commercial grade Velcro
  • One spinder will hold between 15 – 30 organizing pages. Ring size is 1.5 inches
  • Wings attach to each side of the base to hold your material open
  • Keep your scrapbooking and cardmaking materials at your fingertips
  • Fully open unit measures approximately 3 feet long and 13 inches deep
  • Disassemble quickly and easily to transport to crops and classes
  • Expand the capacity with an expansion base

For more info on the system, let Tiffany explain below how to best use the ScrapRack as the center of your craft room organization.  Watch the video and if you’re interested in making a purchase, see the Amazon link above for the current price and shipping costs to your location.


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